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Privacy and cookies

Also see the: Accessibility statement

Keymer Fish and Chips takes data protection seriously. Therefore it is the intention of Keymer Fish and Chips to provide clear and concise, privacy and cookies data and any other information concerning the website, to the user. Consequently, please know the following:

  • due to the nature of the website, cookies have not been applied
  • the website is only for information to provide prices of foods, opening hours
  • the website is also offering directions to reach Keymer fish and chips
  • an in-house website counter only records the numbers of visits and does not collate any other data
  • the photography is owned by the website authors
  • all is intended to be legal for its intended audience of the United Kingdom
  • also see: Keymer Fish and Chip Privacy Policy (PDF)

  • Sign language readers can visit, an external website, the British Sign Language (BSL) language converter, website, to Sign, this page.

  • If you would like to read the website in another language, please use an external website, Google Translate automatic translation.

  • This statement was initially agreed on 03rd October 2019. It was last updated on 01st March 2022.